Annual Maintenance Contract

You will buy peace of mind when you purchase AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) from us for your electronic security system installation.

Be it office or home, we will assign an experienced technician for preventive maintenance and repair. Additionally, we provide back office support for access control and attendance systems

Get a details maintenance report from our engineers on completion of visits.

We expertise in CCTV, Fire, Access Control or Traffic Solutions


We provide real time video analytics and most importantly with actionable intelligence. Reports and customized dashboard can be provided on the status and the analytics from the video.

  • Human Intrusion alerts
  • Camera Tampering Alerts
  • Indoor fire detection Alerts
  • Missing object detection
  • Crowd Management
  • Dashboards and Reports

Gated Community Solution

Enhance the security at gated communities with an intuitive, seamless and prompt technology. It can automate the mundane, repetitive tasks performed by guards at the gates; enabling them to vigilantly focus on security.

  • Access Control and Visitor Management in order to regulate the entry of residents, visitors and vendors into the community.
  • Vehicle Management helps the residents in tracking the vehicles that are entering the community.
  • Cloud based application
  • Invite visitors from their mobile phones using an app. automatic access to main entry doors, boom barriers, lift/ elevator lobbies, elevators, common areas and even house doors.
  • Remote Monitoring for facilities and security company - monitor and respond to alarms from intrusion detection systems, anomalies in guard tours, respond to calls from emergency call buttons, view CCTV cameras, remotely lock- unlock common doors on specific requests
  • Automated Vehicle Access with boom barrier
Gated Community Solution


From convention centers to resort destinations and amusement parks, understanding human traffic flows enables organizations to ensure a safe experience, maximize revenue and deliver a positive guest experience. Without successful crowd control management techniques, the result ranges from unpleasant to dangerous. Even smaller outlets, like retail or grocery stores, can become congested and chaotic at peak hours.

Crowd Control Results –

  • Way finding optimization
  • Queue Management
  • Footfall analytics
  • Customer flow management
Crowd Control Results