Good fire safety saves lives and limits damage. Knowledge and committed prevention work are required to achieve this. But most importantly of all, staff have to have received training on fire safety, and the company has to have an organization to deal with safety work.

We provide top class Fire solution that includes, Installation, Maintenance and Integration of Fire systems with the other building management systems.

Fire Detection

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Advanced, intelligent, addressable fire alarm control panels with expandable modular components.


Conventional Fire Alarm System

Conventional 2 and 4 wire fire alarm control panels with expandable modular components.


Fire Suppression

We offer quick easy and reliable suppression solution to protect the premise. This minimizes the damage, downtime and clean-up process

Hydrant and Sprinklers

We provide both dry kind and wet kind of sprinklers for the premise. Automatic suppression systems can either be equipped with their own heat sensing element such as an automatic sprinkler system which operates when the sprinkler head is heated to its nominal operating temperature or are operated by the initiation of a detection system such as a gaseous system which operates by the initiation of heat or smoke detectors


Fire Extinguishers

When used properly, a portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out or controlling small fires. Purchasing a portable fire extinguisher is an important step toward protecting your building from fire.



Fire Extinguisher Service

s your fire extinguisher leaking, rusty, or damaged? Have you discharged it recently and now you need fire extinguisher recharge? We provide annual professional fire extinguisher inspections. We conduct hydro testing of the extinguishers.


M-200 system services, including sales, installation, inspection, recharge, testing, and more. We can provide the inspection and maintenance schedule to keep your system in compliance, as well as keep accurate inspection and maintenance records.

  • Testing and cleaning all detectors
  • Verifying shutdown and evacuation circuits
  • Verifying cylinder pressures and weights
  • Checking for changes in hazard integrity
  • Checking input and output circuit supervision
  • Simulating system discharge and testing releasing circuits
  • Visually inspecting agent piping and nozzles
  • Checking hydro test dates for cylinders and discharge hoses